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Monday, August 6, 2012

Change is a comin'...

Change is coming to LaLa Designs.  

For my new line, I am going in a bit different direction than before. I am working on new designs using cold connections (tabs, prongs, rivets, staples, and other connections that do not need heat) because I am still not set up to solder.  Yes, still...but that is a completely different post:-/.   This is exciting for me, and I can't wait to introduce my new pieces to the public.  This jewelry has a somewhat different look than that of the past (with the exception of my fold formed pieces).  These pieces are inspired by vintage style, mixed media,found objects, re-purposed items, and even steampunk.  There is a world of possibilities and it is so much fun. As soon as I can find my camera, I will post some pictures.

Changes are also coming to my website.  They will roll out in the next few months.  I will also post items on Etsy once again.  Still hoping things will settle down a bit so I can accomplish all of this...stay tuned.