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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big Metal...

...No, NOT 80's hair bands---Accessories for Fall 2012 and Winter 2013!!

I don't usually follow trends closely in my jewelry-making.  When I'm inspired, I create. I create what comes to me, not what I think will be trendy.  Sometimes the two meet...this is one of those times.

Out of curiosity,  I did a bit of searching on the net last night.  What I found made me happy because I learned that METAL is in...METAL is what I do.  I also love BIG jewelry--I always have...and BIG is now in!!  Not that I only create big jewelry; I do realize that many people aren't necessarily in to BIG, so I also do little and places in between.  That said, since I have ALWAYS loved BIG jewelry, and I LOVE working with metal,  finding out that BIG METAL jewelry made it's way down the runway made me smile!      

Check out one of my pieces (actually made BEFORE I saw the article)...


Then check out the following article...


You can also keep up with my latest pieces on my Facebook page (click the link below).  I'm currently working on a line that will be up on Etsy as soon as I can find my camera (it's been lost in the shuffle...sigh...). If you see something on FB that you like and want to buy before it's up on Etsy, message or email me to make arrangements.

Here's hoping you try some BIG METAL this Fall/Winter!!


Until Next Time,